I broke my friends dash D:


He spent ages finding an uncracked gen one dash. i dropped it and it cracked the same way as his cracked one… And now I have no idea where to get another one. Any help would be appreciated!


PS: Jesus are your cars packed


Welcome to GTOUK Alice , do You mean the full dashboard ?


no I ment the gauge culster. The plastic lense craked where the hole for the trip reset stick pokes though


Did You contact Rob ? http://www.evilempireperformance.co.uk/gto-3000gt-shop/


Here it is http://www.evilempireperformance.co.uk/gto-3000gt-shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=247


omg, thanks! I wounder why he coulden’t find any… oh well.

Also hello fellow night owl :smiley:


On the off chanse anyone happen to know where to get the hybrid diff?


They are very rare and very expensive now but there was one on Facebook not to long ago for about 950 pounds I think.


I was woundering if it shaired parts with the hybrid lsd in the off roaders. But I can’t find anything on it.


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£950 :o That’s more than an RX8 XD


I know mate but when rare people take advantage and bump up the price but he hasn’t had any offers though so maybe you could make him an offer.
I remember afew years back a guy went to Graham auto world and bought one for 40 quid as Graham didn’t know the difference about them.


The hybrid diff is also totally useless without the other diff in the gearbox as they are a matched pair.

Plus it only works when the car is just about to loose traction and crash.

If you fit only the rear diff, the front washes out when pushed hard and under steers like a barstard as it is does on a standard car, the hybrid just makes it worse