I can't find it!

Help, Can’t seam to find the ‘noddy’ guide to uploading pics to the web site. I know I have seen them but just spent 20 mins trying to find it. any clues?
Ta Darran

look in FAQ section


I load pics to photobucket. then when you post click IMG and copy and paste the second link off photobucket onto your post then click IMG again. if that dont work try the other links of photobucket. thats how i do it and was pretty straight forward…

Upload your pictures to photobucket

when they are there click on the picture you want to put on the forum

below your picture will appear 3 or 4 links / addresses

click on the bottom link beneath your picture and copy it

now when placing a post on the forum forget the “ img “ button… just paste your link from
photobuck into your post… it will already have the “ img “ commands within the link you copied
from photobucket :wink: