I finally have time to be back on the forum!


Sorry for those of you who have left me PM’s and stuff and not received a reply, but things have been so manic at the empire that i have not had to to cope at work without trying to get on this forum as well

So apologies for those of you whom i have not replied to and i will be sending you replies as i get through the back log of stuff on here

Oh and i have a new 3000GT i have bought to put up here soon as i get a chance to show you and hopefully attend the Birthday Bash in, as i missed the AGM due to having to work that day.

Will get up to date as soon as i can on here

Cheers Rob


Hi rob,

Welcome back - good to chat this morning- did you have the right address in the end? I’m now recovering from open wallet surgery :grinning:



Hi rob.
Any luck with the exhaust systems yet ? And exhaust sensors ?


Welcome back to GTOUK You are in good hands , lots of pictures please :grinning:


Who’s this ?