I finally have time to be back on the forum!

Sorry for those of you who have left me PM’s and stuff and not received a reply, but things have been so manic at the empire that i have not had to to cope at work without trying to get on this forum as well

So apologies for those of you whom i have not replied to and i will be sending you replies as i get through the back log of stuff on here

Oh and i have a new 3000GT i have bought to put up here soon as i get a chance to show you and hopefully attend the Birthday Bash in, as i missed the AGM due to having to work that day.

Will get up to date as soon as i can on here

Cheers Rob


Hi rob,

Welcome back - good to chat this morning- did you have the right address in the end? I’m now recovering from open wallet surgery :grinning:



Hi rob.
Any luck with the exhaust systems yet ? And exhaust sensors ?

Welcome back to GTOUK You are in good hands , lots of pictures please :grinning:

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Who’s this ?

Hi Rob, New to the forum and GTO ownership. Does the mk4 rear garnish panel fit the mk1 and also looking for the trim that runs accross the top of the rear tailgate window.

You not got time to come on here… where are all my engine bits :rofl::rofl:

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Better give Rob a call Dave 01702-614469 too lazy to use the keyboard :grinning:

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:grin::+1:will do tomorrow after night shift cheers

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Yes it does buddy

Sorry Dave 99 Garnishes are now obsolete and no longer available i am trying to see if i can find some in the Japanese dealers.

Most of the 99 Parts are now obsolete and have gone completely now

I will let you know by PM if am successful in find some new old stock bud

Cheers Rob

Thanks Rob

Ok other option would be the mk 2 and paint it, would still prefer the mk4.