I want Tonka toy

Hullo I’m interested in a really big 4x4
Must be mot in good knick and 1500 squids top
What do you recommend

Do not get an L200 I hate mine

Get an old school hilux

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For 1500 quid you would be into an early or classic shape l200 , you couldn’t drive these in 4wd permanently as the diffs wind up , though seeing the prices you would be into something extremely dog rough for that money ,

As @Butler says an early hilux pickup would do for that money but bodies seem to rot like hell and you don’t see many about for parts these days

Craig :grinning:

Little bit left field but I used to have a Vauxhall Frontera. It was, at the end of the day, a Vauxhall. But it went everywhere i asked it to go (and i was pretty demanding) and they are cheap as anything for good models.

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Yeah not a bad call, used to have one too, ended up in a ditch lol. Only needed a new wing nothing more.

Yeah they are pretty solid motors. Mine decided to grenade its timing belt in spectacular fashion. Sold it to a ukranian “exporter”. Found out later it was seized at dover. I assume it was full of drugs! haha.