Idler Pulley

hey rob i think i need one for the aux belt that runs the aircon etc its the pulley under the engine mount squecking like a idiot , how much mate and have ya got one , and also are they easy enough to change :roll:

Rob just to say thanks for the pully , and the fast delivery , so i can get it fitted today if it stops bloody raining 8) 8) oh and my cheque came today YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :bandance: :bangreen: :party:

Nice one Aston.

You might want to spend some of your money here…

Cheers Rob

:loser: :yabba: :lol: now what was the company that can get sex toys from hummmm did it start with A :lol:

Chat soon mate


If you are having problems with your Girlfriend, I cannot help you.
Threatening me with spending money to feed your perversions, only makes me feel sorry for you, you know your car needs the attention more.

However I have posted a link for a company that starts with A incase your having problems finding the site.

Cheers Rob

:lol: :lol: that pulley hasnt solved the problem :x