Im still on planet earth! but

My communications device has been ‘coated’ in a substance you earthlings call vodka & redbull! Turns out that motorolas dont enjoy it as much as i do- so ive lost all numbers!
Can you give me a txt or p.m with your other numbers again so i can give you a bell- i would call your work mobile but every time i do your on it!! lol!

Oh and no- i havent done anything with the car yet other then look at it! well dusty already! :lol:

cheers dude,
Pete :smiley:

Dear Human Experiment

What you really mean is that your abductors took the phone to bits to see how it worked, and couldn’t put it back together again and get it working.

Call you in a while

Cheers Rob

Earthling Performance
Tuning Humans since 1947

Earthling Performance Tuning Humans since 1947- PMSL!!! :lol: :lol: love it!

My brother is going to love the fact this is entering the forum! He favors the ‘brothers from the hood’ story more though! ha ha! Cant say i like either though! :evil:

Catch you later on this eve- no more alien stuff over MSN though!! :cry: :lol:

i’d say looking at rob 1910 :lol: :lol: :lol:

I take it you dont want my one piece 99 Spec front splitter than Asty you cheeky little git :roll: :roll: