Immobiliser help

Hi all, I need some help ASAP I bought a 1993 jdm GTO a few weeks ago, I have been on holiday for the last week and I have come back and my central locking key isn’t unlocking the car. I used the key to unlock the car but when I opened the door the alarm went off.
Here is a pic of the key

Has anyone had this problem before or does anyone know where the immobiliser stick goes as it is NOT under the dash.


Hi Richard

That is a very old alarm and i have forgotten how many i have taken out of customers cars because they have gone wrong.

Maybe the end of the road for that one also

Cheers Rob

I have that alarm you shouldn’t need to use the immobiliser key unless the alarm screws up, check the little red light illuminates on fob it is there it’s tiny, if not change battery and reset it.


@DavePerky thanks David I have reset it and all is working good

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