Impulse Buy

Hi all,
While browsing ebay a couple of weeks back looking for bits and pieces for my hard to find time for red Gto project, I came across this 90 reg N/a manual. Big claims about engine rebuild
and stacks of receipts and paperwork got me interested so called the owner without giving myself time to flick to the next listing.
Martin is a collector who currently has 25 cars including couple of nice Astons. Agreed on a price of 2700 and gave deposit. Madness??
Orgsnised transport company to collect (euro400) and will have it during the week.
If its as discribed , Great , will use it for the summer. If not will be stripping for parts and forever listening to my other half about how I’m never allowed puchase anything without her permission in writing ever again. Photos off ebay below.

Don’t judge me​:joy::joy:
Just to clarify I still have to see this car in the flesh. Im in Ireland car in UK.


It looks Good Enda :+1:


Yes, that looks to be a great find. I’d be very interested to know what has been spent on the engine. The engine bay looks in great shape, puts mine to shame…
Good find fella, all being well that’ll be cruising all summer long.



Scary stuff Enda, hope it all turns out well for you when you pick her up :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:



Thanks guys,
Out of interest is there any of the drive train in the n/a compatable with the tt, gearbox, transfer ,prop etc…?

The car did turn up , hadn’t much time lately to look her over properly but took her for a good spin on sunday gone and so far the following issues need addressing:
CV joint clicking.
Feels like prop is moving under hard acceleration.
idle is very low about 500 rpm and counter not steady hunting a bit, cut out a couple of times when coming to a stop.
Central locking goes mad after opening the door sometimes , could be down to alarm or maybe its a fault in the c.l.

Now the pros:
The following appeaer new…Drilled and grooved brakes and calipars.
Engine mounts .
Coil pack and plug leads
Window trim on top if doors
Radiator and fans
hoses and belts
And everything else has had a refurb.
Also found an sd card in the folder which shows the complete refurb of the underside and engine bay and what appears to be an engine rebuild.
I’ll try figure a way to get them on here.


Door lock issue will be the solenoids, l expect, machine gun rattle, done two already quite an easy fix with replacement solenoids.

Good luck with the car Enda.

Thanks Jerry, do you mean the motors/actuators.
As soon as you open the door they start to lock/unlock repeatatley , locking the door once inside the car stops it. Wasn’t doing it untill I started to drive it.
Also have a clifford alarm which has a very annoying feature of having to arm and disarm every time the car is switched off , otherwise don’t get power to the dash or ignition when trying to start. Will have to disable that or remove altogether.

I’ve had 4 locks that do that - the rubber stoppers inside the lock disintegrate making the cog miss its stop mark so the motor keeps trying to lock or unlock constantly it’s an easy fix, Dave has a how to thread somewhere in here but I can talk you through it if you can’t find it

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Thats it Enda, either Dave,s fix or replace the solenoid and catch.

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I have a set of locks if you need them also have driveshafts and propshaft

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Thanks Robbie, having 2 of these cars now has had me keep an eye out for spares and I managed to purchase a complete car for €350 or about £300 recently, n/a with engine knock and no log book or v5 but complete car , just need to trailer it home . I’d be hoping to salvave anything I need off that but I’ll do the repair on the locks.
The prop on mine feels like its being pushed back into place eveytime I drop the pedal, do you think this is wear in the shaft?

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Rear engine mount? The transfer box has no real way of pushing the prop back as it just slides in and out, weird one that mate.

Sounds like prop mount bearings @enda

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Engine mounts were my first thought but they all look brand new , even the rear one.
Maybe not describing it exactly, if you apply power suddenly it feel like someting at the back is engaging or moving at least. What @jensen360 is saying is worth looking into, will try to get over a pit this week , how much play , if any, should be in the mounts?

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Sounds about right mate.
1st to 2nd is prob the worse I’m guessing.
I know you said it’s been worked on underneath.
Before I did mine I had no issue with mounts at all. But moving the prop around the workshop and bending the joints must have upset it because since putting it back on it’s clunky.
Just waiting on my new ones atm.

Thanks Jensen, let me know how that goes for you.

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Diff mounts ok ?

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will have to check, thanks for the suggestion.
Photos show the diff off and painted up but nothing to suggest mounts were replaced.