Insurance companies - Bloody Rip off Merchants

I’m getting really Pi£$$% off with these money grabbing bas%&£ds :evil:

We’re looking to sell my wife’s Rover 111 SLI and get her something bigger so that the whole family can go off on holidays without having to:

A. Take my Beast.
B. Cram the whole family into a ■■■■■■ mini.

However my nineteen year old son also drives the 111 as a named driver on her policy! We saw a very good although high mileage Peugeot 406. (It is for the wife) :wink: To cover the wife and son to drive it, is £968 (Best quote). That’s an extra £510 over the rover:shock:

So I thought "I Know I’ll get the son insured as main driver on the wife’s second car, a 1966 Morris Minor, 1098CC, max speed 60 mph, 0-60 in 2 and a half weeks 8) Then as a main driver of the moggy he can legally drive the wife’s 406 with third party cover :wink: The quotes I got ranged from… £1350 to £2380 TPFT :shock: :shock: :shock:

That’s two to three times the value of the ■■■■■■ car :evil:

The rover 111 is hardly a sports car but never the less he can still get up to ninety mph in it and subsequently do a lot more damage if, god forbid, he ever had an accident, yet the quote for that is £675 TPFT :?

It’s no wonder people drive around with no insurance :x Even if you do abide fully by the law if the worst happens and you do get involved in an accident, the bast$%^s do everything in their power to get out of paying up :evil: :evil:

I FU$£IN’ hate them :x :x

I second you on this,
I hav never payed less than £1000 since starting to driving 8 years ago. I have always had a car since then and have thus far only had one accident which was eventually decided to be the other guys fault ( 11 moving traffic violations at the time he collided with me ). Still took me 18 months and £8500 to get any money back at all and when they did they gave me less than a tenth of the value of the vehicle. There justification being that they managed to find a car of a similar model that was slightly older, an MOT failiure and had some accident damaged and was on sell in autotrader as a ‘breaking for parts’ type sale !!

I have been on a protected policy now for 3 years and am looking forward to my first full years insurance renewal for the GTO( last year was charged an additional £890) ontop of my existing £900+ when I part exchanged my Galant 2.5 V6 24 for the GTO TT.

I think I will be ringing around a lot in the next couple of weeks. Particularly as a lot of insurance companies are now refusing to even quote on grey imports !

Best regards,


I just looked recently to see if I could get insured on a Fiat 126 with less than 1000 miles a year in garage over night (Just want to get one as it i thought it would be really cheap to insure and i could leave it in the garage to get me some no claim bonus) I’m 19 and have 0 years no claims

126 is like 660cc and made in 1982 costs about £400 tops and they wanted to charge me £746

so stragnely enough I didn’t go for it.

My brother tried to get insurance on a Metro when he was 19 cheapest insurance he could get was £3500 TPTF. My first car was a Maestro Mayfair 1.3 (seriously uncool) and I was paying £1100 TPTF in 1997 !!

Stick with it and the robbing b1stards will take every penny you have from now until the day you die ! and if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident your screwed !!! (at least thats my opinion).


When I first passed my test I had a Fiat Uno 1L IE (nothing special essentialy basic Uno) I was 18 and looked to get my own insurance which the cheapest I could get (and some companies wouldnt insure me) was £1500 TPFT

Now my brother passed his test approximatly 3 1/2 years before. He was also 18 and also had a Fiat Uno 1L (again standard Uno) and he got insurance for £700 Fully Comp

So yes insurance is getting out of control especialy for younger drivers.