Insurance for a 21 Year Old

Just putting this here in case anyone finds this helpful in the future but I’d like to recount the quotes I received when I was looking for insurance for my N/A GTO.

I rang Adrian Flux first and got quoted £1700 for 5,000 miles.

I then rang around a few of the other popular classic car insurance companies but none of them would touch me being just 21 years old.

I went on Compare The Market .com and they quoted £1200 through Admiral for 5,000 miles with my Dad added as a named driver. I added my Mum too and that price went to £850!

So from the £1700 that Adrian Flux offered and laughed in my face when I said I was looking for insurance under a grand, I am most pleased that I can now drive my GTO around with Admiral.

I’d recommend any future young drivers looking for insurance to go with one of the mainstream providers and add as many named drivers with a lot of years experience to your policy as possible.


Yeah I had a similar issues when trying to insure my n/a GTO.
With Adrian Flux, the guy on the phone accused me of fronting because I wanted to have my Dad as a named driver even though I explicitly stated I would be the main driver then proceeded to offer me cover for £17k! (For a 1000 mile a year policy where both drivers have clean licenses?!).
Then I had one insurer cancel my quote because they realised I was 23 diving a car with more than 200hp (you’d think they would have noticed that the moment I told them my age and the car I wanted to insure instead of wasting my time).

In the end the cheapest quote I got was £4.5k - Young male driver + “London” tax is a killer lol.

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Jeeez, I’m quite happy with mine at Admiral then!

Admiral here as well, very reasonable quote of 580 with all the family as named drivers, they apparently would’ve done 500 with a black box :laughing:

I also found Adrian Flux to be a bit of a nightmare quoting 1800.


Think I was 22 when I got my Twin turbo and that was on adrimal any sort of classic car insurance was way over 1k and think adrimal was £670 for my first year I’m now 25 and my gto and rx7 on multi car came to about £420

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Just renewing with them £113 this year :oncoming_automobile::grinning:

AF are a joke, maybe just my postcode obviously they price crazy as they just don’t want the business.

When I had my mr2 turbo Admiral/elephant were the cheapest, with my mum.or dad also named on the policy.

Now (un)fortunately I’m old and classic cover under £300 a year Inc recovery is decent value for me with a 3000GT TT