Insurance multi car

Anyone know of any good classic multi car insurance firms. Admiral seem to class classic as 35 years plus so their no good.

I am using R H, Colin which is ERS actual ins co.
Was a good deal for me and easy to work with.

Best prices for over 21 years.

We also use RH/ERS, have been with them a good few years now after trying several others who just bumped the price on the 2nd year, ERS have been fairly good in that respect with hardly any increases to speak of.

Tracie :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:

I use haggerty I pay less than £300 for my 3000gt with basic mods, intake exhaust declared on a classic car policy.

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Want to put GTO and new toy on one policy.

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Nice shed needs work, doubt you need to insure it. :rofl:


I’m with advanced insurance and they mirror all my no claims. They specialise in modified and imported cars and gave me the best price

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