Insurance nightmare

If you own a gto as your only car, please give me some pointers!!
Adrian flux…loads and loads
Footman james…no longer insure gtos
RH…unable to insure unless you have another daily car
Who to go too?
I might have to stick with my old insurance company which is 380 for an n/a. Not sure how much it’ll be for a modded tt as yet…as this is what I’ll be driving soon.
I’m 37, no convictions, and 3yrs ncb (only because I was on classic insurance for a decade before that!)

I would suggest you contact , and ask them


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I’ll give them a call, cheers!

That’s a nope from them too.
So far I feel like an 18 year old dreamer again. I’m being quoted the worst prices from everyone I ring up. Knowing there’s people paying nothing that even have points on their license is quite soul destroying

I not maybe understanding the problem, as you say its not the points or your age

So its it the Postcode, where its parked, Tracker, cat 1 alarm, mods. lack of NCD

I think that’s what you need to ask them


I’m with flux as they beat my usual sky quote hands down but been hearing bad things about getting claims sorted off them . going to try keith michaels and a few others this year for a modded gto

Flux wanted 600 for me

I was 570 all mods declared ,bust all depends on area etc I only had 3 years ncb as I lost all my ncb on a commercial policy and couldn’t transfer back .

Put your details on moneysupermarket.
Lv or hastings are the way to go for UK cars not sure about imports

Right, I’ve managed to get 430 from my existing insurance company, took ages to get back to me, but I think that’s not too bad…
If anyone else wants to try them at any point they are classicline insurance. You get your no claims with them, and I have 5000 limited miles…That’s a modified tt import

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Is the car a 3000gt or gto


Modified gto…