Insurance pay out

Hi following in from a bang just over a week ago and some advice on hee regarding engine changes on here the insurance company have advised a figure of just 800 for my car which to say the least is gutting. I’ve insured it with a value of 3000 using footman James and the fault is the third party. I have over 5k in he car. does anyone have any tips or advise so that I can try and get a good payout for the car so I can buy it back and carry out the repairs? I currently pay 800 for the insurance per year.

As always any help would be great fully apriciated

From my own experience, they always offer a low amount

1st you need to get a quote to get it fixed

there are 4 options you can get from an insurance company

1, Write off , and option to buy back

2, A cash amount up to a % of it value, often more that the fixing amount as they work on
unexpected costs, and the car is not written off, you pay to have it done where you want and can use second hand parts, they also refund the VAT on new parts

3, They fix it , to do this you need the quote, write down what is good about you car, and unique say mileage , version, now find some on autotrader etc that have the same spec as your list, remember , you will need your car is not one of the £100 ones but find one similar with a realistic price and print it and forward a number of them to the insurance underwriter, and explain why this the same as yours, maybe colour, mileage, condition, you will need to most likely that 3 or 4, remember someone wants £50k may not get it so be realistic

4, Ask for a replacement,

The law states they have to place you back in the same position you were in before the accident, not less , not more



Good advice from Simon there. Best thing I can add is that is you find similar cars and can show them selling at particular price points then that will help push them up.

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Hell fire that’s expensive from them

Yeah, as above really…

They have an obligation to indemnify you. Put you back in the same financial position 60 seconds prior to the accident…

Always always always, reject their first offer. It’s the case handlers job to save their company as much money as possible.

You will need evidence to support the value you are expecting. You will need 3 other cars on the market (eBay isn’t acceptable) of the same spec age mileage and condition. Give this to them and ask them to re assess their valuation reflecting the evidence you have provided.

Once you have their true evaluation you can ask what the buy back cost is… Usually 30% of their final offer…

Good luck and happy battling… Hope you get what you want but you’ll have to fight.


Thanks for the replies, I’ve got my receipt of purchase too although not sure if that I’ll help. I’ll start to find the cars on the market today ready for when they next call. realistically or perhaps as it now seems I was naivly expecting or hoping to get near 3k. (got over 4 in the car) but I don’t think I can expect to claim for having put money into a new clutch and timing belt.

Usually the best way to get money out of these is fight he endurance for a best price then buy the car back for scrap. Then strip I and sell the good oarts :frowning:

I don’t even want to think about this…smokin can stay on the drive…safest way, with only the van and shitreon seriously considering another car so the gto ain’t my sainsburys and back car again.
Good luck mate always wind’s me up that it ain’t your fault and they should pay you back every penny spent…small claims for the difference i say on the one that hit you.

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Bear in mind that they are not obliged to give you the option to buy the car back. If you had an agreed value though how come they are only offering you £800? Or is the agreed value essentially gap insurance? In which case won’t the gap insurance cover the other £2200 in this instance?