Insurance question...2nd car

Thinking about getting a cheap and “tasty” run around to run up and down the train station etc but I’ll need to keep my NCB on the policy the GT is on. I know a lot of you guys probably have the GT/GTO insured under limited mileage classic type policies buy the majority of that type of insurer don’t quote for N.I. :frowning:

Anyone comment on the “rules” regarding taking out another policy for the run around, I assume I can? I’m assuming the only negative would be I’d have to start with 0 NCB on that policy. Can you have 2 separate policies both building up independent NCBs?

Will give my current insurer a ring tomorrow and see what they have to say, I know when taking out the initial policy they wouldn’t let me use the NCB on 2 vehicles (again there is a few companies that let you do this but not in N.I), you’d think they’d give me some sort of incentive though, after all I can only drive 1 at a time and the run around isn’t going to be worth a powerful lot. In fact it’s bound to be better for them as I’ll be driving the GT less :frowning:


Yes you should be able to build a second set of NCB with a second seperate policy. Thats what i’m doing with the policy for the BMW. If you’re lucky the insurance might also be able to mirror the NCB from one policy to another - the reduction in premium isn’t as good as it would be with a ‘real’ NCB, but any reduction in premium is good… :wink:

Cheers Scott, will give them a buzz see what they reckon to the whole thing.

All being well I’ll be able to get it sorted and keep the GT for better weather and weekends etc…that’ll no doubt mean I’ll spend a few more pennies on it making it exactly how I’d like it (sort of compromise when you’re using them everyday) :smiley: :smiley:


Yes, you can take out a second policy as I have, actually have three, but beware those insurers that say they will ‘bonus match’ your main policy. They are generally a shedload more expensive to start with, so the nett effect of the ‘bonus match’ is nothing.

you can build up a second NCB, try contacting your current insurer you can often get them to give you a reasonable price on the second car and give you a free NCB (I managed to get five years for free) you can then use this to get a good deal next year :smiley:

Some of these will give you maximum introductory bonus on your second car but when it is due for renewal it will say 1 years no claims bonus but give you the maximum discount to stop you going elsewhere like Tomato suggested.

I have three policies at the minute, one original one, a bonus matched one (5 years NCB on each) and a seperate one with 4 years NCB on it!

14 years NCB and driving for 6 years… :lol: