Insurance renewal after DR10

Get my license back in 7 days time. I stupidly got done for a DR10 offence and got a 17 month ban. Reduced to 13 after doing a course. Got caught in a morning after. But, Just to say that Adrian Flux have given me a quote for £739 fully comp .


That’s a good price really :sunglasses:

Craig :grinning:

I was paying £500 before ban, so I was pleasantly surprised. Cheers Craig


Im paying £1600 all mods listed, insured for £12000 after a dr10.

£800 is a good price… Took me 3 days on the phone going back and forth to,sort out.

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Who is that with mate

1st central brokers.

Had to go through a broker as no bugger else would touch me.

Flux quoted 1200 but didnt put all my mods on the proposal so I didnt trust them.

Well i spoke too soon mate. I phoned and accepted the qoute today. And cos i have had 2 small prangs in my van , in the months before my ban, they now want just under £3000. Am sick as a pig … Really thought i would be driving her this weekend. Time to get on the phone i guess. Cheers Mukka