Insurance renewal G NAISH

ok that time of year again, promised I’d come to you so here I am.

But I did go through the phone quote system and the price came out at £580.00 as I told the chap i was currently paying around £600.00.

This was despite having an extra 4 years protected NCD to add on, as I had been declaring the wrong amount of ncd for years as SKY only ever gave 9 years protected NCD max despite being with them longer then that, and wiping off the 2 accidents that weren’t my fault, settled and other party admitted liability not affecting my ncd.

What I didn’t realise is that I had actually already paid less than that last year, £500.00 fully comp with all mods declared.

So this years renewal should be cheaper right? Just waiting for it to come through, that’s with Hyperformance.

Maybe you could have a look at this for me and let me know what you think. You can make it public if you like after all transparency is paramount.

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i paide £500 with A.Flux last year on a classic car policy, i do have limited mileage of 4k although i only used 2k :frowning:


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Yeah you non import guys. Damn you!!

For the record fully comp on a brand new GTR was little over £300. That’s a £90k car wtf!!

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LOL one of the reasons i could afford to insure it 10 yrs ago!!!



If you can leave this with me I will arrange for us to look into the quote you have received from ourselves to see if we can do anything else to reduce the price. Our quotes team will give you a call shortly.

Kind regards,