Insurance time again a year already!

Had my gto a year already (wheres that year gone??) Skys renewall policy came through £577 :frowning:

As my gto is a 93 plate & robs detective work showed my car was made in march 93 its now 20 years old

Adrian flux quoted £400 bang on at there japfest 2 stall
Aplan quoted £415
Footman james quoted £210

Guess who i insured the gto with in the end :lol:

Our top spec mondeo was due for renewall aswell and that came in at £208 all in through hastings direct

so insured both cars for less than this years renewall from sky and still have a few quid left over for a few beers :stuck_out_tongue: its about time the insurance scam went in favour of a driver instead of the hand wringing money makers :twisted:


Yes first time this year in a while that the price actually went down, it seems the industry can’t fix their prices any more and the buying power is back. However there are still some ‘unethical’ policies being used by certain insurers. Hopefully this trend will continue, competition is good for the industry for people who are not a risk.

Providing you gave all the right info Sky would have matched the cheapest price as they have a price matching policy. It’s ashame we have to do this in order to get a more realistic price, perhaps they could take note and just give us a decent price in the first place so we wouldn’t have to shop around.