Insurance with Adrian Flux

Hello all and update on current insurance quotes incase anyone having to do theirs soon.

I tried Sky insurance and I declared every single modification on my car even down to the ARP bolts and they wanted £1085 without my partner on there and no protected claims bonus and no agreed valuation on the car, so if stolen i would get market value.

So I tried Adrian flux who quoted me the following with fully declared mods and 530 BHP projection (as the GTO is still being run in).

£750 full comprehensive
All mods declared even down to ARP bolt set
Protected NCB not required as on a classic car scheme
With my partner
Agreed valuation of car at £15’000
full european cover
4000 miles PA on SD&P and business to work etc

Thought it may be of interest to others


Hey Marcus,

Good to hear you are running her in, take it steady fella. Look forward to an update when you can unleash her to the full. Just conecntrate on having her back and enjoy her mate.

Your insurance advice is of interest, I too have an agreed value policy, mine is with Sky and there are only a few it seems who do agreed these days so good to know of another so at least there is a chance of a bun fight between the two for my business!

Just so I get someone who knows what they are doing, do you have the details of who you spoke to at Flux, may give me more of a chance!

Cheers and again, great news you are back and moving.


AF did this for me

Fully comprehensive, 5000 mile, agreed valuation @ £20000, protected ncd, £500 excess, SD&P, Legal cover, all mods declared on a like for like replacement basis, power up to ~ 900 BHP on pump gas.

£780 with Equity Redstar


Hi andre,
Thats the same company they put me with. I think my agreed valuation is set to go up my car was agreed at £15k when just stock so I will have to see when Ben now values it after all the modifications.
See you soon

That was with agreed valuation at 20k now on the understanding that it will be 40k once the stoker build is done