So i am a happy boy :smiley: Just had a quote for my insurance and told them i am a member of GTO UK and that reduced the cost down as well and the total cost is £277.00 full comp. :lol: That makes me happy.

being over 70 helps :twisted:

OHHH Sonic that hurts. I am not a day over 60. :shock:

My renewal quote is due soon and I’ve been reading about massive rises in premiums. Fingers crossed.

Sue’s premium actually reduced!

Mine came in yesterday - 33% increase FFS!!
A bit of haggling got it down to under £400 (fully comp, Sue and Me, protected NC and all mods declared), which is about what I paid when I first insured it 6 years ago so I can’t really complain.

just got mine through today,

96 MR TT,

me and Emma as drivers, i have 2 SP30’s and Emma has one accident claim.
NO NCB as its used on another car,
UK and Europe cover
UK and Europe full breakdown cover
Curt car
legal cover
mods declared
£250 excess

£271.35 a year :shock:

[quote]just got mine through today,

£271.35 a year :shock:

    1. 8)[/quote]

That’s amazing. My excess is £600. Who are you insured with? It’s not too late for me to get another quote.


[quote]just got mine through today,

£271.35 a year :shock:

    1. 8)[/quote]

Who are you insured with? [/quote]

As per PM.

mine is 2000 with all mods decalared ncb e.t.c. :frowning: must be the major mods.

I’ve just accepted a quote on the phone with Footman James.

Classic car, limited mileage, garaged, all mods declared.
Still higher than the above, probably because it’s a ‘grey’ import, but £50 less than Direct Line’s best offer and only £100 excess and breakdown cover thrown in.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: