Insurancee Huge Rise

After having my GTO TT off the road for the winter, I thought it was time to get her back on the road, called AON who insured me last time at about £700, only to be quoted £1200 :shock:

I asked why such a huge rise only to be told that their rates had gone up by 20%, stange I said cos the difference isn’t 20% more like 50%, the agent had no answer to that…

Have since tried A Quote and have a quote for £410 :smiley:

Tell me about it!

My premium doubled from 900 to 1800ish with Adrian Flux come renewal time. (last week)

have now gone with GSI on a classic car policy :slight_smile:
£1300 fully comp all mods declared :?

(It still takes the biscuit though :roll:)

Try Liverpool Victoria (if your over 30).

Very cheap - and unlimited mods.


Hi Adam,
Just tried the Liverpool Victoria website and they state that they dont cover Japanese imports or any performance enhancing mods :?

JMX - A quote seem to state the same, that they dont cover Jap imports?
Any ideas chaps?


Footman James quoted £483.00 I’m 37 9+ years NCB, Cat2 and Limited millage.

[quote]Try Liverpool Victoria (if your over 30).

Very cheap - and unlimited mods.


I tried them about 3months ago and they told me they no longer cover mod’s


My renewal with Liverpool Victoria is due at the end of this month. It’ll be interesting to see what price they quote this year as last year it actually went DOWN by £70!

my renewal with norwich union direct was the same as last year £820
i shopped around and got a quote of £600 from privalige(sp)
and surprise surprise norwich union suddenly decided that to keep my bissiness they could match it
:roll: so £200 cheeper for me this year :smiley:

I’ve just had my renewall from Adrian Flux and it’s gone down from£466 to £370 with full breakdown cover, mind you, that with 70 years no claims and a speeding ticket whilst driving my 12ltr 3 cylinder Napier Lion in 1908, good price though!