Insurer's road safety site

Hi folks, on the topic of insurance companies, I was interested to read through some of the pointers on this road safety site from my insurance company xxxxx, given that just the other day I had a bit of a shunt with my GTO that left the glass on my windows cracked… Fortunately no-one was hurt, but I do think the bloke who crashed into me could definitely have done with reading through this site! :evil:

It would have been nice of you to ask permission prior to blatantly advertising your company on here. Others have to either pay for that privilege or be recommended by GENUINE owners.

Mark. :slight_smile:

A bit of digging shows that “Selena”, actually posts from a computer owned by a “direct marketing” company in the UK. I assume that your company is being paid by the insurance company that you supposedly insure your GTO with, and that you are pointing people in their direction under the premise of helping them out.

Today we had an enquirey from a similar company to yours, asking about paying to advertise a company they represent, by means of a link on our website. In contrast to your spam posting, they will get good coverage and a link to their clients website - you will just have your posts edited/deleted instead.