Insuring the Audi A3 (RANT!)

So as they already cover the GTO I contacted Adrian Flux about insuring the Audi (bearing in mind they insured the A4 also) and they have said they wont offer insurance on it.

WTF, why not??? ■■■■■■■ hate insurance companies some times, quick to take your money for one car and put the premiums up every sodding year but when it comes to needing an additional policy they are complete and utter cockwombles! If its mandatory to have it then it should be governed appropriately and limits set.

Sorry, getting slightly frustrated with this whole insurance lark.

My brother had a similar problem insuring his A3, apparently the A3 is one of the most stolen cars in the country so the insurance companies dont like it. He got his insurance in the end but had to pay almost double what his previous car was.


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Its ■■■■■■ ridiculous, its gonna cost more than the GTO! Thought that Adrian Flux might be a bit better than that aswell

Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems. If you wanted to PM me your policy details I’d be happy to look into this for you.

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You have hit the nail on the head there Bex. It is a legal requirement so it should be subject to stricter regulation. Otherwise it is a licence to print money.

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If you want another insurance related one how is this…
A friend of mine who is a letting agent was telling me about this. Landlords insurance often offers a “Guaranteed Rent” Insurance. Sounds like a great thing for Landlords to have right? Except they will only offer it if the Tenant has a very high credit score or has a guarantor. So basically they will guarantee your rent as long as someone else is guaranteeing your rent. Now that is just free money right there! haha :joy:

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Exactly Max.

Every year as standard the premium goes up so you are forced to either do nothing and accept fate (that you are likely being ripped off) or do a million new searches through different websites to then phone your own provider to try to haggle the price down.

Then they announce that the Insurance Tax is going up, therefore another excuse to put the premiums up to make up the difference plus a little extra in their pockets.

Money market for the government on tax and a money market for insurance providers too.

Anywho… I need a chill pill…