Interesting 3000gt for sale

Saw a good one today on cars for sale in Europe.
It was a mk1 3000gt Franz Beckebauer ltd edition no 28 out of thirty . In yellow lots of signatures and plaques etc 35k in euros!!

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Yep official Japanese sanctioned car from Mitsubishi Germany to celebrate the Footballer Franz Beckebauer

Features of the Beckenbauer Edition

  • Special yellow colour
  • Remus sports exhaust muffler
  • D-network telephone
  • Stereo - radio / CD
  • Small carbon inlays on the dashboard
  • OZ Futura 3-piece wheels (or OZ as an option with VA and HA 235/40-ZR18 265/35-ZR18).
  • Beckenbauer signiature on the sail panels and sun visor,


one for sale… not sure about the black bit but I like the rest!

Already sold at the price of €9600 not surprised, check out the website loads of cars for sale, maybe 20 or more.

you’re right, seen the price of the green one?

Rob, if he sells that for 30k, you’ll be quids in!

Been looking again, not sure if its real or fake, says car is in Germany and w/site is French.
Would have liked it at that price if real

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They’re looking for strong money over there. Personally , I’m glad to see some value being put on these cars.

totally agree enda, anyone I talk to who doesn’t know the cars is shocked at how cheap they are when I tell them the values

that’s the sort of price we want to see…

check out the picture of the heat shield!

Same condition as mine :grin::grin::grin:

Terry :sunglasses:

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I’m sorry but that’s a ridiculous price , if I had that sort of money to spend there is plenty more metal in the queue ahead of that

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The price does seem high but they do have a culture of starting high across the pond and any 20 year old car in that condition is very rare especially a 90’s jap sportscar which there is currently a huge demand for in the states.
Leaving that aside , I have noticed an increase in the asking price of late , especially the TT.
Over here I would expect to pay 7k to 10k for a good Tt and 4 to 5k for a good n/a. Unfortunately a lot of what’s advertised are unmaintained and unloved examples which are advertised for a lot less and hurts the price of the good ones.
Keep in mind that car prices in the UK are among the lowest in the world and the lowest in Europe , Irish traders have made careers out of importing cars from the UK because of the vast difference in prices, so it’s not surprising to see these cars advertised at 15 to 20k in other regions.

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Flip side to that certain dealers are pushing prices up well above where they should be , you can see by how long they have been for sale , this scares people away from the middle of the road cars as they think something is wrong with them

Then you get the dogs being advertised for high prices , some genuine low priced cars aren’t touched with a barge pole unless purchasers can get them at project car money , some of these end up being broken .

Price wise while it’s nice to think your car might be worth x amount of pounds but if your not planning on selling it’s irrelevant

It would be nice to see these cars at a sensible value that more people could enjoy


We don’t get that over here, dealers don’t touch older cars, there are a few specialist places but are small and only deal with old fords, mercs etc. Over here people are nervous of cars like this because most of what’s advertised are rot boxes, cars brought in from the UK , not re-registered to avoid paying local taxes and driven until they stop and then advertised for more than what they paid for them . Little off topic I know but it can be a little disheartening when you’re pumping money into your car and see cars being advertised for small money.

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Brand new just about great colour time warp car, aiming high at that money but why not, hope it helps push up the numbers over here for good cars.

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yeah agree. if it was an aero TT manual supra with that milage, people would say it’s cheap… our cars are under valued compared to a car the is famous for being in fast and furious. if the prices were a bit higher, not crazy money, but a bit, I think people would tend to look after and fix even the rough ones. that would be better for us all I reckon.

The disturbing thing is company that is in question actually sells them at outragous prices with no warrenty what so ever and in a sainsbury car park too

Why would you buy off a trader in a car park and not on a proper premisis …


and which one looks better? (don’t say the Lamborghini!)


not wishing to give the impression that all I do all day is look for used cars… but: