Interior bulbs issue

Ok so I have been all over the web and in every shop I can find and I can’t find these bulbs?

Does anyone know where I can get these or what alternative I can use

I have tried some alternatives but they don’t seem to fit.

Any help would be great


I have them in stock in normal bulb or LED version

Not had the time to put them on the wbsite

Cheers Rob

I have used these bults in LED form from Rob and they worked perfect. Just rememeber LED’s have a polarity so if they don’t work first time turn them round and try again!

Available in Red, Blue and White :smile:

hi Rob what’s the price difference between the LED and normal bulbs? I would like them in white if possible.

For future reference these are festoon bulbs :wink:

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I promise to get this sorted next week

Just been occupied with my mums grave health for the last few weeks

Will update the shop with normal and LED bulbs very shortly

Cheers Rob

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Ah thats no good rob, hope she gets well. :pensive:

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