International club membership fee?

Just wondering… Is the club membership fee cheaper for International members ?

I’ll explain why I ask if it is and if not then theres no point :wink:



Thats why I asked… I was hoping that both “ Joke ” and “ ShockingP ” would join the club and
to be honest when looking to see if it was any cheaper for international members to join it wasn’t
obviously clear within any of the sticky posts… well I couldn’t find anywhere that said.

Anyway my post has clearly done what I wanted and brought it to their notice that it would be
less for them to join as they wouldn’t be able to receive all the benefits from the events members
enjoy living in this country.

Can I suggest its made a little clearer within a sticky… unless I missed something. :wink:

How would a member from overseas join?

What about payment? What about the horrendous Bank fees for direkt transfer/checks (15 euros!!)?

Paypal would be a better(cheaper)option for the Forum as one can send the Payment as a Gift…so no fees would apply to the receipiant.

Its obvious that the Overseas member shouldnt expect to recieve a Tshirt/calender/CD/Parts catalouge/Stickers etc in their membership and should pay extra for these items.

id be happy to join just so that i have forum access.

edit: youve already sorted this out :oops: