Intro Mitsubishi GTO


Welcome to GTOUK



And there was me thinking that you were Reece from Cambridge :joy::joy::joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


We’ve been through this Terry keep up :joy:


Terry! I’ve had all of this before ! Unfortunately I am not from Cambridge :rofl:


I’ve seen you on university challenge in the 80s… Cambridge what’s the meaning of Gto? Fkin ■■■■ Bamber gascoigne … don’t buy one mate :joy:


Hahaha…cheers rob, it was actually on my bucket list of things to do. Oh and speaking of things to do my pride and joy decided to take a leak all over a customers drive yesterday, talk about embarrassing. Anyway I suspect it could well be the water pump as I haven’t had it replaced since the errrrm so called engine rebuild at our mutual former friends (who don’t deserve a mention on here) formerly located in the Liskeard region of Cornwall. That said as soon as I get around to investigating the problem I will require a timing belt kit from you sir. Ohhh and those Stoptech brakes/pads you recently sold me are superb :smile: definite improvement over and above what I was using. Cheers buddy


Hi Buddy I’m in builth wells,or actually just a few miles out towards Brecon.What a big hill lol