Intro Mitsubishi GTO


Hi Guys, I’m errol or ezz whichever you prefer, just a quick introduction to say hello as I’m classed as a newbie haha. I am also the proud owner of a heavy baby girl called Mitsubishi GTO na which I have had for around 7 years now and is still work in progress. I’m also playing my part in keeping these great cars on the road as they are becoming exceptionally rare. I hope to interact within a few topics as time allows. Thanks for reading this :slight_smile:


Hi mate welcome to the club,your going to be asked for pics so may aswell beat em to it…PICS!


Damn it! Hi :slight_smile:

And yes, pics of course!


Hi Guys, hahaha pics to follow, I’m sure I can dig some out from somewhere lol


Hi Ezz, welcome to UK, not the Country but the club :joy::joy::joy: We will wait for your pictures with baited breath, colour, year???

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi Terry, I can at least put you all out of your misery and mine lol by saying it’s a 1994 mk 2,5 speed manual,4ws,4wd in pearl white I do believe haha.Ohhh and did I mention I recently cured the foggy headlight by doing a halo conversion which looks the dogs danglys…hope i’m allowed to say that :frowning:


Welcome aboard Errol, glad you found the best GTO/3000GT Club finally after 7 years, never too late, and we’re all very friendly and helpful on here so you are in the right place.

See you are from Wales, you have some lovely countryside for driving these motors.

Also peeped at your Profile pic in lieu of official Pics, nice looking example you have, more required when you get chance though :wink:

Tracie :rabbit:


Welcome mate
Jerry :grinning:


Thanks Tracie, and yes wales has some cracking roads for driving the car but don’t tell PC Plodd I said that lol


Cheers jerry, :slight_smile:


Hi Ezz
Welcome to the club.


Hi Jensen and yes I finally came over to the dark side lol


Welcome along… the dark side lol think you will find this is where you see the light…
Good to have you here :+1:


Welcome to GTOUK Ezz and hopefully You’ll join us as a full member soon :wink:


Thanks for the welcome buddy :):grinning:


Hi and welcome to GTOUK

You will soon see it makes sense being here if you own one of these motors


Craig :grinning:


About blooody time Errol !!

Glad to see you finally got here !

Cheers Rob


welcome aboard pearl white is nice, enjoy the club.


Welcome to the nut house. We need pictures!!!


Another one from Wales! Where you based ? I’m in Newport