Introducing Ourselves & GTOUK Club Discount

Hi Members,

We have been Traders on your Club, and T Shirt Sponsors for a couple of years now, and thought it was about time we introduced ourselves, our products, and provide you all with a Code to get your 10% GTOUK Club discount Online.

Established in 2008 in Sheffield, we have grown from a one man band into one of the largest vaping retailers in the Country, with 35+ shops UK wide, even manufacturing our own brand of E-Liquid from our own dedicated laboratories and distribution centre.

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In 2010 we formed ECITA (The Electronic Cigarette Trade Association) to help set new standards in the quality, safety and legal compliance of this emerging industry – meaning that our batteries, chargers and atomisers all conform to the relevant safety and quality certification, that we are responsible in the marketing and sale of our products, and that our E-Liquid is always independently UK tested for quality and contaminates.

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Perfect timing as I will giving up the fags in the new year. Will definitely get in a place an order with you.

Which starter kit would you recommend?


Hi Max,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I would recommend the Kanger Subox Nano, fits well in the hand with a decent battery life. This is one of our premier starter kits.What strength of cigarettes do you smoke?


I found the Kanger great for me, also think @CDMH uses this type too.



We’ve been using the Mirage brand of e cig for about 3 years now @maxxbradley

You hear all sorts of horror stories in the media surrounding vaping, but what seals it for me is, these are UK Tested and the e liquid is made in house here in the UK to UK standards, not some foreign dodgy stuff where the batteries are going to blow up in your face, or the e liquid contains ‘goodness knows what’ chemicals.

What I particularly like about the e cig mentioned above, the battery lasts ages, it charges quickly, and has a battery indicator like your mobile phone so you don’t get caught out.

It you can also turn the power up and down, so maybe when you first quit, you’ll feel the need to have it at a higher setting, than maybe in 6 months when you are weening off the real cigs, then you can turn it down, and so on.

Tracie :evergreen_tree:


Thanks for your reply @ElliottMirage, and also @stevie and @Tracie.

Elliott I am a bog standard Golden Virginia roll up guy so not strong. And I like to think that I’m not addicted (although only time will tell). I would stop cold turkey and pretty sure I would be fine from that point of view. For me I need the excuse while I’m working to step outside for 10 minutes a couple of times a day. So I will be going for the lowest nicotine strength I can to begin with.