Introduction of me

Hi All!

Just introducing myself. I bought a '91 3000gt a couple of years back (on valentine’s day actually and my missus was not happy! :smiley:).

She was misfiring, and very rusty underneath but I got her cheap and was desperate to save her from being parted.

I’ve had the break lines replaced, a lot of the underside welded and tried many times to stop the misfire but to no avail yet.

Anyway, met Dave Naxton on Saturday who runs ToTB, York, and he said to get myself joining the community on here, so here I am!

Peace out,


Welcome mate… and good luck with the car, if you sign up as a full member you will find hundreds of threads that will help you with your problem :slight_smile: best £20 a year you could spend. Haha… anyway get some pics up of the car when you can :+1:


Hi mate, welcome to the club!
Where abouts are you based? I’m in York if you need a hand


Hi Matt
Welcome to the group.
We are here to help.


Welcome, I am also based in York , are you local?


welcome to the club :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the club.
This is the right place to come for advice in getting it running properly.
Pics of car needed!

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My word! Thanks for all the replies, very kind of you all. Good to see such a healthy community!

Below is a pic of her, the red paint is very faded too so don’t laugh too hard guys!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

It would be great if someone recognised it from a previous life actually, love stories like that.!

Its a UK 3000gt Manual with 90odd thou miles, with a sunroof which I’m told is a bit different.

Almost never see GTOs near me, there’s actually a bronze one in my village randomly, but its much newer than mine, I’ve naturally befriended the chap called Jim Butterfield if you’re on here Jim?

Mine has a host of minor issues, but its the misfire which is the big pain, I’ve spent a lot of time researching and messing but to no avail. Anyway I’ll have a look on the technical/problem solving part of this forum at some point, and if I don’t find any clues I’ll post a problem myself if that’s OK.

I’m from Bradford, so only an hour away from York. If someone knows about the ignition system on these bad boys, I’d love to come visit for an hour and be educated.

Got a busy couple of months ahead of me, but am determined to get back under the hood afterwards and hopefully get her on the road chaps!! Especially after seeing Dave’s beast on Saturday.



Welcome along.

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Welcome to GTOUK Matt as @aaron1991ellis said full membership will give You lots of info and technical data , GTOUK is aiming to help members keeping these cars on the road !


A previous owner was Chris McGuirk from Loughborough if anyone knows of him.

Welcome to the club, a mk1 3000gt that’s a rare beast.
Good luck with your car.

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Welcome to GTOUK.

We are what other Clubs try to achieve :slight_smile:

Some great guys here, full of knowledge, some have more than likely had the same issues.

Myself and Tracie are not too far away in Sheffield.



Welcome to the group mate
And another one not to far from you .
Selby near York.

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Welcome aboard. Good colour. :+1:

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Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses: can’t add anymore than the guys have already covered

Your in safe hands here


Craig :upside_down_face:


Hi and welcome to the club, many cars have been worse than yours but have come through the ranks and are well loved.

Here you go;

I used this and also refreshed it, a guy who used to be on here did it originally so I don’t claim the ‘knowledge’, but since I did everything on that list I can now say I’m a taxi driver’ :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Knowledge, taxi driver, doh! I’ll get me coat :flushed:

Terry :sunglasses:


Welcome mate


Welcome mate,

I’m sure the members on here can pretty much sort any fault with these cars now.

I’m down in normanton near Castleford so not to far from you

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