Introduction to GTO life

Let’s try this again.

Hello all,

I am new to this world and frankly a little overwhelmed at mine and my partners next project/s
My Daddio has handed over the torch of his pride and joys.

He has mentioned this forum over the years so many times and shown how helpful it has been to his journey.

I have inherited a load of parts and 2 GTO TT projects.
Me and my partner need to make some tough decisions with what to do with the other one and surplus. 6 months ago my better half took on a project for the one on the left to rebuild. The engine had been stripped half about and found it to be a jigsaw puzzle without the picture on the box. The second is to complete in the next coming months (hopefully before JapFest) then we may go back to the first hair splitting project, or do something else. All I know is a am proud my Daddio @kawascouse trusts me enough with these amazing cars to carry on his legacy.

I’m sure as time goes on I can seek friendly guidance from this group in hope the experts in this world will share their thoughts and experience.


Thank you for your introduction again :roll_eyes:

It’s clear that yourself and your partner are wanting to sell what was previously your Dad’s car/parts

For further guidance as regards breaking/selling you will need to be a Full Member as @stevie said.

So you either pay £20 and be a full member with access to all sections or your post will be deleted, please do not discredit your Dad’s reputation on here.

Tracie :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:


HI TRACIE this steve kawascouse I still have full membership and I had to give my gto away to my daughters due to the fact road tax in cyprus is a wacking 2,300 euro per year that doesn’t include everything .so an informed decision had to be made wasn’t easy but it was the most practical approach to take so my daughter and her partner have taken those 2 particular cars which are both TT my original one and one that I bought early this year turned out to be a bit of a lemon but stripped out the complete interior and completely did it all. Anyway she will become apart of the gto family so to speak in due course, I hope you and steve are ok sweating my proverbals off over here all the best to all gto owners

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Sad to see you leaving the fold buddy and a major move for you, I’m sure you have told your daughter what an asset this club is. £20 for membership isn’t just about help and sales. It’s about us being a family.
The return from going to meets whether day/weekend including Xmas Party costs the club far more than £20 per member.

I’m glad to see your car staying in the Club bud and look forward to seeing it with your daughter and her partner on the rounds,
Good look with the future fella.


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Still keeping my membership alive if you ever across this way you need to let me know would be nice to see you and trace all the best nice being with you all