Introduction to GTOUK

Hi ladies and gents.

Thought it was about time to introduce myself on here.

I’ve been a gt owner for the past 7 years or so, and have been lurking about on the GTO platform for about the same time.

I bought the car from a past member that some of you may remember (nova eater) And from day one had a lot of problems, actually day one the engine went fizzle pop :frowning:

Anyway long story short a the engine was rebuilt, replaced gearbox, 6 puk clutch and the old dog was back to life…

Then the tuning bug came. 680cc injectors, standalone ecu with all supporting mods see me running just over 400bhp on some rebuild 11g UK tubs…

Most of you will know this come along with A lot of things breaking and replacing parts along the way. And is still an ongoing project (probably always will)

Over the last couple of years since my 2 daughters arrived family and my buisness has come first , so unfortunately the car has sat in the same place rotting away.

This summer I plan to give it a good going over and start to enjoy it as I once did.

Anyway this is a quick introduction and I’ve waffled on. some of you may know either me or my car, so to those who do or dont…

HELLO :slight_smile:



Welcome back Dean, lots of old “new” members seem to be coming back now the forum is getting lively again.
Before they scream PICTURES at you, you better get some up lol.
Dave :sunglasses:


Hi Dean
Welcome to the club.
If you have been around the forum you know we need to see pictures :grin:

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Welcome back mate be good to watch you getting her back to her former glory.

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Ah yes. Pictures…
A couple of pics not long after it was liquid wrapped.
It was removed last weekend ready to be done in satin black.

Thanks for the welcome…

Dean :slight_smile:


I still think the 3000GT mk1 is my favourite looking out of any of them :heart:

Welcome back :+1: