Inxurance renewal time, again

It’s that time of year again when I haven’t got any money, and my insurance premium is due. Adrian Flux sent me a reminder, using my previous details, although I’m currently insured through A-Plan.

I called Flux…they came back - after the Xpanish Inquisition - and quoted £129.82 for FC, £100 excess on accident damage, courtesy car, £100,000 legal aid etc etc. Limited mileage 3K. When I told him I needed to call another company (A-Plan), he said the price quoted would not hold unless I put a £19 deposit down there and then. I told him I don’t operate like that.
I called A-Plan shortly after, and they quoted £150 roughly - up about £2 on last year. When I told A-Plan what Flux had quoted, he responded by telling me he’d “waive” the set up fee of circa £25, making my premium fall to around £125. I know these quotes are ridiculously low for these cars, and I know many younger owners would give their eye teeth for such a premium. However, there is no end to the way in which this bastion of legalised robbery is conducted. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to get an honest quote. Competition in this field is fierce, but to be able to slice off £££ in a stroke continues to prove that our premiums are massively inflated in the first instance.



That sounds like a good deal Mike, might try A plan when mine is due. I changed to Footman James after Adrian Flux quoted me £421 to renew, Flux letter did say to ring them for a better quote but to be honest I didn’t even bother ringing them to reduce it, I was a bit miffed at the high quote so I just changed company. I don’t really see why I have to do the donkey work to get a good renewal price, if they put a good offer on a plate I’d prob just say yes to it.

Footman was about £250 ish but there’s some good stuff mixed in…

All my Mods (lowered suspension etc) listed and agreed.
Salvage - In the event of a total loss (write off) I keep the car with no fee (or %) to pay.
Agreed value of £5k
Europe insurance included
Mileage limit 5000 miles.
Legal protection etc windscreen cover and other stuff I can’t remember off the top of my head.
Nice friendly helpful lady on the end of the phone who sorted it all for me.

Just paid £120 :blush:


Was that with A Plan?

Nope Admiral


That’s a good price Simon mines due Jan may have to shop around again as will need an ordinary policy not classic this time or will loose 7yrs no claims that are sitting around doing nothing at moment

I never take the first price offered because they will always do it cheaper. The thing to remember with companies like Flux is they are brokers not insurance companies. I.E. they are not the company actually insuring you. When they send you a renewal price they go with the price quoted by whoever insured you last year. If you cancel it and start again as a new customer they will check all the companies they broker for and will always find it cheaper.

I pay around £1500 a year with 5 years no claims :/cannot wait till I hit 25 and can try and get it through classic insurance!!