Iridium plugs

Looking for a set of Iridium plugs to replace my ‘normal’ NGK BCPR7ES ones.

Car has 13T’s, MAP2 ECU, etc … etc running 1 bar of boost, what would be best? Price and time scales pls.

Cheers Matey.

I’ve found the copper plugs perform better


I’ve had no problems with Iridiums and they’ve been in 3 years!

BKR7EIX would be the equivilent, but watch the gap- prolly have to gap them down.

I’m sure Rob will have them.



Hi Guy’s,

Not been on the forum much this week, as it has been absolutely manic here been doing 10 hours days just to cope with the amount of orders and enquiries.

I do indeed have the Iridiums in stock priced at £54.00 a set of 6

Cheers Rob

What heat rating would you suggest for a car running 13ts, fmic, EBC, 560evo injectors, uprated pump etc etc…

I would recommend the Colder BKR8EIX Nick,

I can drop some in the box coming to you next week !!!

Cheers Rob