Is there a problem with picture links and Windows IE6?

Do we have a problem with pictures and Windows IE6 on the forum only looking in the topic…

“ Jacquemond Body Kit “ in general discussion both Baldeagle and myself couldn’t see the

Allenpc then posted the first picy again but I was still unable to view it…

Copied and pasted the link to the picy into a new window and the picture appeared… this then
also made the same picture appear within the Jacquemond Body Kit topic but still did not make
the remaining pictures within that topic appear ?

I’ve also noticed that at times I have had a little trouble making picy links work correct… it
seems and is exactly as has happen in both the body kit picture links as well as Allen’s that for
some reason or other some picture links when creating a post appear…

then the address in this line followed buy the closing image command

These picy links with the on a line of its own do not seem to always work ? :?

Yeah Al, there does seem to be a problem. Once I had opened them all up in a seperate window I could see them all again, seems my extra post didnt help though

It not an IE6 issue, as it does it for me as well in Firefox, IE8 and Chrome.

It something to do with where the pictures are hosted, and phpBB doesn’t like the URL it is giving out, but it is a strange one.


I’ve had it occasionally when posting my pics and all my pics I keep on Photobucket…

I found its something to do with whats written within the link itself as if you place the picture
into … say… another folder and place a new link that reads different to the same picture then often
it works again and the appears on the same line with the link directly after it… not on a
separate line on its own…

Its as if a gap is created between the and the start of the link address.