Is this anyones ? Potenial scam on FB

Edit: not a scam…

Can never be too careful these days

The Registration checks out, when you say scam what do you mean exactly, as in stolen car or something else? You could HPI check it.

The guy is also selling an MX-5 seats, not ‘Miata’ Seats I reckon its an American that’s moved to the UK.

If all the work he’s listed as done on the ad is true, definitely worth a look.

It was the account stating they were living in texas + one of the pics has a picture of the engine with a big american flag hanging up. In the sane picture was a van with its doors open so couldnt see a registration plate.

Edit: I thought might have been someone advertising someone elses car

Its not far from me, there are a couple of america bases around there, so i wouldnt be surprised if they are american, i dont think its macs (he has a blue one that had/has issues starting), his one is in with westfields (last i heard)

Thanks for the replies, its most appreciated

But if you are looking and dont mind traveling there is one on ebay, blue again that looks really clean, might be worth looking at