ISO: GTO Light up Panel & GTO Rain Guards

Hey all, new here. I am in search of these rear glass GTO light up panels along with these GTO rain guards. Can anybody please point me in the right direction or if anybody is selling them that they know of?

Also, I paid for the membership but cannot see other categories. If you can move this post to the proper category that’d be appreciated, cheers.

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Welcome to the club @Josh_DeVriss, a few pictures of your car wouldn’t go amiss, that’s what the people on here crave, also where are you from, roughly, and if you get in touch with @spiros he will put you on the ‘map’.
Those door trims, rare as rocking horse dooh dah, or hen’s teeth. They are so fragile that they usually break when trying to get them off. @Colin_GTO buys up stuff like this, give him a nod and see if he’s got a pair. I should think he might have the window quarters too. No harm in asking.

Happy New Year to you fella,

Terry :sunglasses:


Of course, I apologize! I appreciate the helps and leads though. I’ll have to hit him up and see what he can do for me. Here’s some pics of my car in the meantime. Cheers!


Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

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