ISO: GTO Quarter Glass Light

Been looking for a working set of these for quite some time. Does anybody have any information on someone selling a set? They’re the rear quarter glass lights that say “GTO” . If anyone has any info on a set please send them my way! Thanks In advance everyone.


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very hard to find


They need some tlc Simon

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Any chance you’re willing to part with a set?! Really want to run them. Would even sell them back to you if i ever got rid of them.

Do you have a pic by chance of them? Assuming you meant you had a set?

The genuine ones are very very hard to come by. I’ve got a pair on my GTO and won’t be parting with them unfortunately.

Someone on the FB forums were selling aftermarket ones for around £300 plus shipping I believe

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You don’t happen to remember who it was do you? I’d be willing to pay it for them!

Guys please remember this is a newbie section and not the classifieds. This post is not in keeping with newbie section so I will close this thread.