Issue with my profiles


Was wondering if I could get a hand I broke my phone the other day and have lost my log in details for my profile with full membership. Need the password hopefully sent to the email address for this profile. [email protected]

Thanks in advance guys


Forgot to say the username is Stuart Gordon977


PM sent to the current user name.
Let me know when you have logged in and I’ll delete this new account


Got it pal thanks for the hand thought it was different than that haha life saver


While on the subject @steve, still can’t log in or change my password. I log in with facebook ! the email for GTOUK account should be (Admin edited out)


Have you done a password reset? You’ll have to log of your account. Go to the main website, ensure your 100% logged out.

Enter username then use the forgot password thing.
If this doesn’t work I’ll see what else I can do


Email registered to your account is the one you listed above so you should recieve an email. Although check your spam folder just incase


Your welcome no issues at all :slight_smile:


Hi Steve , this is how it goes. From the log in page , lost your password / user name or email ( spiros / [email protected] ) reset password / password reset email has been sent . I DON’T RECEIVE ANY EMAIL to reset the password :disappointed:

From Account page . Edit your password and … password change / current password -------- / new password ------- / confirme new password ------ / save changes . The result , current password is incorrect :confused:




Done Cheers