Issue with shop purchase



The issue is still there I’m afraid Stephen.


Hi @kevin_rhodes, can you try signing out and back in again? I actually logged in with the details you sent to Jensen and I was able to check out after I made some changes to your account.

If that doesn’t work, please try again in a private tab in your web browser or use another web browser app.


Ok I’ll try doing it on my laptop instead of my phone


Ok I just forced a logout in all locations if you got kicked off. Let me know how it goes and post screenshots here if there are still issues. Please don’t include your password though.



So if you press login as returning customer what happens?


its worked a treat on the laptop :slight_smile:


Ok great, sorry about all that. It should be working on mobile as well as I tested both. Any other issues just post on the forum and it’ll get picked up for you.


@just_cool and @tomkeep1985 - Just a thought, can you try actually signing out of your account first and then signing in and trying the shop again? You don’t need to actually make the purchase obviously, I just want to see if I can get you logged in for future. So try and get to the checkout page and let me know, no rush:

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Had to change my password @skl, I’m back on the forum now, will try the shop.

Terry :sunglasses:


Just tried the shop and attempted to buy 2 meals, then I tried to pay and it wouldn’t let me get any further.

Terry :disappointed: :sunglasses:


@just_cool If you could sign out and try again when you’ve got a sec, let me know if you can get to the checkout page.


@tomkeep1985 your account looks correct now in the database, you should be able to checkout in future.


I have just tried signing up with a test account and the shop appears to be working correctly now. So if any issues remain it must be with individual pre-existing accounts and I’ll have to check them on a case-by-case basis.

If anybody has any issues with logging into the shop, please log it against this thread so I can keep track and keep you updated.


I’ve just completed a full database synchronisation between WordPress and Memberful, hopefully that will resolve this issue for all accounts.


Thank you @skl, it’s been a lot of work for you these last few days, much appreciated by myself and @stevie.