Issue with Starting GTO 3.0 N/a

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Apologies for this being in here, I couldnt see where else to put it in the dropdown list.

I have an issue with my GTO where it will not start. I have checked the plugs, replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, timing is spot on, checked the CAS behind the crank pulley.

I have checked there is pressure in the rail (after getting covered in fuel id say that was fine lol)

when removing the plugs i noticed that there plugs did not smell of fuel, so come to the conclusion that its possibly an issue with the injectors.

is there an injector relay?
if so, does anyone have a spare i can borrow to test to see if this is the cause of the no start problem?

The car has been off the road since 2006, and tbh probably hasnt been ran very much if at all after that.

I have had the car for a year as a project, you may have seen the pictures from a previous post back last year when i first got the car. I would appreciate any advise or even help to get this thing going.


Also just realised that i have 2 accounts lol, previous account “Boomdog” just to make things more confusing lol

Have you checked the ptu?
There is a fuse in the engine bay compartment one of the big ones (efi)

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Most likely culprit would be the ECU if all of the injectors are failing to fire. Take the injectors out one by one and turn the engine over with the injector in a plastic bottle so you can see if any fuel is getting through. If more than one of them fail to do anything then i would guess ECU needs a trip to the doctor.

Also check the connectors are very firmly pushed into the ecu :wink:

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I have taken all the plugs out and not one of them is smelling of fuel nor were they wet from fuel, probably a stupid question, where is the ECU located?

Hi Jerry, What is the PTU?

The ecu is located behind the stereo buddy.
The ptu is a little box beneath the coils which controls spark which might be worth checking if it’s been sitting for years.
You can remove the injector then using a normal 3 volt battery attach one piece of wire on each end of the battery then you can touch the wires to injector plug to see if it’s clicking if it doesn’t maybe need cleaning or faulty.
Jerry :grinning:

Evening all,

I was wondering if anyone had a spare ECU I could borrow to see if its mine which is faulty?

The number on the ECU is in the image.


One for sale on fb £110 .
Same md number as yours.

Hello, wow i had no idea that you had replied to my post @jensen360 sorry for not getting back to you. , i didnt get any notification,
Does anybody have one of these for sale?

The car is currently in the garage where testing has been going on and the ECU is definitely had it.

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Do you have the ECU with you ?
If you can take a pic of the circuit board and inbox me I may be able to have a look at it for you.

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Hi @DavePerky The car is currently with a vehicle electronics specialist, I just posted in the wanted section. but a capacitor has leaked on the board, on inspection there is acid residue on the board and it smells fishy lol

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Ok well if the board is gone then prob a second hand one would be the way too go, depends on extent of it tbh.

I am going over to the place that has the car on friday, il see if i can get some pictures of it and post them, see what you think, if its repairable would be great. but will keep an eye out for a replacement anyway just in case it has gone past is life span

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Some good news, I have been able to source a replacement ECU :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: which will hopefully arrive tomorrow


Brill mate hopefully it will run :+1:

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fingers crossed, its been a long time coming, if this is the cause of the problems i will be extremely happy.

cant wait to hear that v6 motor run, i cant remember if i ever shared any pictures of it?