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Hi I bought these but have decided that I’m going to leave the original ones on my car the plenum has been powder coated but does have a few chips mostly round about the bolt holes. The rocker cover was powder coated yesterday so it’s in perfect condition, if anyone is interested it’s £50 for the plenum posted and £40 for the rocker cover posted.

Plenum please! Assuming it will fit my mk1 gto

Pm me for PayPal info


Hi Robbie what year is your car thanks

Just had a look and this will fit your car bud

That’s an n/a plenum Robbie no use to you mate


Cheers! Guess a refund is on the cards. :(. Thanks Gary

Gary , sorry mate didn’t know the deal had been done , not trying to tread on anybody’s toes

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No my fault should have asked and would rather be honest, just a shame PayPal chose to be a ■■■■ and placed the money on hold for 21 days :rage:

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Will the rocker cover fit my 97 tt?

Hi sorry paul these items are now sold