It's a long one

Well Eleanor is all road legal now and as soon as that happened I was going to put a thank you post up , apologies if I miss anyone there’s a few to thank

Simon for giving me the heads up
Pete for selling her too me
Steve and Tracy for the conversations regarding her and my constant banging on about it
Dave P for the same reasons above and getting me parts sent out from his own time
Rob Mr evil himself , not only for the bits but the Help and weekend phone calls for advice
Colin for taking me down to get the engine and other bits and for the cracking work on my new lights
Gavin for the engine loom
Scott for selling me back some of the bits I sold him. :joy:
Mark leach for parts and advice
Paulw and Marty for hints and tips
Gripo for parts trading with me

There have been many more who have given me advice and listened while I have bored the ■■■■ out of them and I’m sorry if I missed anyone but I wouldn’t have been able to attempt it without the knowledge and help within this club


Only sold you them back coz i broke em

Feeling the gto griphold tonight from you guys,were so lucky to have the worry of owning one eh


He’s back for good… that’s all needs saying… I can sing if you like.