I've missed you all

Hi all, old, in many ways, owner returned to ownership!
Just checked and it seems I had my first GTO in 2005 a Red Auto that I kept for around a year and then sold her to move to Spain. For various reasons that didn’t work out so returned around 2007. After various cars bought a 3000gt in Pearl White, spent a lot of time and money on her then, regrettable I sold it, wished I hadn’t!
Again after various cars have now got a GTO with, unfortunately, a very sad story attached to her.
She is a 1992 imported in In 2012 by parents of a 15 year old who was suffering with severe depression, it was, at the time his favourite car, pictures on the wall etc.
The parents had it serviced, undersealed in clear and MOT’d her every year but doing very little miles. Unfortunately when the lad reached 18, without ever driving the car, he committed suicide by hanging himself.
The parents would not get rid of her so kept it, MOT’d and a annual service but doing very little mileage. Eventually they decided to get rid and asked their local garage that they used for their other cars to sell and that’s who I bought it from. They put her on their ramp and it’s just amazing underneath, no rust, brake and fuel lines are like new. I purchased her and started doing jobs! So far, Cam Belt, Tensioners Water Pump and all the Belts replaced, love doing that job…not! It was not the original Belt but no Paperwork to indicate when it was changed. Fitted Lowering Springs and a recon ECU for the ECS and that all seems to be working fine. Got a set of BBS wheels that I’m giving some tlc to at the moment, original wheels are ok but tyres have severe cracking. Smartened up the interior, it was in good condition just needed cleaning and feeding the leather, looking good! She does need some paint but that will wait till it warms up a bit. She hasn’t been MOT’d for a while so that’s next job. I’m in no rush as I have to sell my Mercedes SL500 before I put her on the road, and that has to be a Spring sale!
Photos to followkc


Welcome back buddy

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Welcome back chap :sunglasses:

Great but sad back story to the car

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Welcome back to GTO / 3000GT :+1:

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Welcome back sad story but your doing it justice getting it back on the road again :+1:

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Welcome back.

So sad but I’m sure his parents if they knew would be happy the car has gone to someone who will love, look after, and appreciate it.



Welcome back dude!

Always good to see returning members.

Welcome back


Thank you for all the welcomes, nice!