JAE 2016 Feedback

ok guys so we would love to hear what you thought of what GTO UK did fro JAE in a constructive way. We do our best with the budget and resources available but would love to hear your suggestions on things we got wrong or wright.

By all means post away so we can build on what we’ve all created and make it even better.

One thing i will say is we are so weather dependant in this country so it does mess alot up when it rains, not everyone likes newark as a venue (i dont) and there doesnt seem to be anywhere near as much to do as wicksteed park. So Saturday was awful weather wise and it does bring you down a bit, plus it meant all the events that JAE organised were cancelled.

Over to you guys.


Only thing i saw that miffed a few people was the music stopping at 11 on the friday and the lights going off,if its a choice between less decibels but longer play time i would choose the latter,everything else for me was spot on regarding how the meet was run,didnt even need to use my cooker or kettle


As I said earlier for me Saturday was probably one of the best I’ve seen and been too , pretty much everyone got into the spirit of it . @stevie and @Tracie 's idea for the evening meal Saturday night was a really pleasant change from burgers etc and was actually very filling .

The weather we can’t change but the evening culminated on everyone being on point .

It all seemed very fluid this year too with people chipping in as they went along .

Think I preferred the other marquees we have had over the years as we could lock them down better to keep the cold out but that is out of our hands as its a 3rd party we use .

Those who organised it should be very proud of themselves

Craig :grinning:


The weekend was great and to me just about everyone geting into the event throughout. I think our pitch is good for us as a club, space etc but it is a bit away from the heart of the event the other side of that shed complex we were next to. (what about some of the others near the top entrance not used this year?)
Shame about the Saturday weather but we have to live with whatever we get!
Think they are a bit heavy handed about cars coming on site (non jap) and not letting the gto that came on Sunday, why not.
I like Wickstead Billing and Bolney l think our spot at Wickstead was great with lots if visitors to our pitch.
Thats about the venue, but for us as a club it was really great lots of laughs and fun, great organisation, the tank was exceptional and the fancy dresses teriffic, the army night was really good.
We left other clubs standing.
Big thank you to all those organising we can look back on a special event


Evening all, well firstly a huge thank you to all those who organised the event this year. It was a fantastic weekend and did the club proud.

A mahoosive Thank you to Tracey and Stevie for the cooked dinner, it was amazing and a very welcome change.

As with Jerry I felt it was a huge shame that they changed the entrance this year as we did feel quite out of the way where last year we had a lot of through traffic and walkers by. Though as a whole the show did not seem as busy this year.

Both themes were absolutely brilliant (gutted that we didn’t manage to get ours sorted in time). Huge thanks to Richard for an amazing prop for the army theme too :slight_smile: love this theme.

One thing I was gutted about was not having a fire lol next year we are having a fire!!!

Yet again I was blown away by how everyone welcomed Alex and Rob in to the club. They had a fab time as well :slight_smile: Thank you

This remains to be an awesome event and will def be up for 2017!

Luvs ya all


Im sure more than 4 people went,c’mon folks have your say.


Jae oh where to start…massive amounts of love to everyone that went…and mucked in whatever they added to the meet.
Everything was just perfect, don’t think I would have noticed if it wasn’t tbh :grin: the weather was a big let down but as proven that won’t stop us enjoying ourselves, yes we were a bit out on a limb but didn’t bother me in fact prob better in some ways.
Gto uk could go to a field anywhere and do exactly the same thing (without noodles)
My actual criticism would be the jae itself, ok hampered by the weather but more effort could have been made by them, not enough to do sat for those that wanted to and bad organisation on club placements on the site.
Personally don’t feel it needs to be jae to be our big meet in fact billing and all it has to offer…as more of a holiday…maybe an extra day would be better.
I go for the crack, the friends the whole gto uk family thing, enjoy every minute.
Well done again to all :ok_hand:
Oh and also to add the attention to detail members who went to “show” their cars, where let’s be honest little attention or public interest was shown due to most looking at is as a ■■■■ up in a field of reving cars, it’s not a show…show just my feelings on it.


I think Similar to all posted so far. JAE don’t do enough.
They used to have a photographer go round and organise each club to get a decent photo in a frame etc, now stopped :frowning:
There isn’t enough to do during the day for people, once cars are cleaned… Nothing. Even the organisation for the IKO was poor with some events over subscribed and some empty. Ok we didn’t show much enthusiasm towards it… But it’s because of the bad time keeping… No one wants to be waiting all day to compete then miss it because of bad management.

The bloke on the tannoy needs to stop waffling! Have a script. Stick to it.

Don’t play music through it either… 1 I doubt they have a license, 2 it interferes with our own music.

Fireworks were awful compaired to previous years. I was disappointed with them.

No drift cars. All the entertainment stuff is too far away. Centralise it.

Poor signage to get to it!! What happened to all the signs JAE got organised last minuet. Not even 1 at the roundabout!

Public… There didn’t seem to be any! Only a few people came wondering over from other clubs… He’ll talking to the guys at Outlaw they didn’t even see the tank… And they are the club pretty much next to us! Proving people don’t walk about!

No issues with our performance this year though! :slight_smile:


Seems to be a common theme, Club fine, Jae up your game.

I’ve contacted Nigel at Jae and he said we would be emailed a feedback form so we’ll have to look out for it if not i’ll drop him a line.


Considering the turnout theres not alot of feedback being given,is it a case of people not wanting to look ungrateful or just not having time or inclination to give there views?


no idea, people are busy.

if they don’t want to say then we can’t improve, it’s not a problem we’re pretty thick skinned.


Well I’ve been racking my brains (yeah OK it didn’t take long :grin:) to come up with something negative, and it was hard, as I loved it this year in every aspect…

but… if I had to say one thing, it would be, for me personally, the marquee was a little cramped, maybe I noticed it more than most with the numerous trips up and down to the kitchen area, but there seemed to be an awkward bottle neck in the middle where you had to walk through to get to the kitchen area, or through whilst fetching coffee. I felt like I was being rude walking through people’s conversations who were sat there.

Having said that, I’ve already discussed this with Simon and we were allocated a different marquee to normal, and, at the time of booking it, we had no idea that the attendance was going to be so good this year, so it’s a bit chicken and egg.

So not a criticism, more of a personal observation :wink:



IMO JAE as an event did nothing for me to be honest i joined gtouk because i love gto’s so other club stands had nothing to offer me,if i wanted to look at skylines i would have brought one instead of a gto.I personally like the events where the public mill around asking questions and looking at our cars.Ive never done a jae event so cant really comment on how successful it was compared to previous years but tbh ive been to better organised events at billing.As for the clubs part in it,on a whole really impressed but 130quid to spend 2 evenings looking at stevies and daves ■■■■■■■ poor value for money,maybe next year hire proper strippers(female) it would be cheaper and a damn lot nicer to look at whilst sucking a chicken leg…pmsl


I hadn’t added to this as I have not been to many events and this was different from what I have attended. As far as meeting members,evening entertainment,food ect I had a really good time. The part I missed from other events I have been to was meeting general public and discussing our cars with non owners. Also me and a few other members took a few walks around to go and see what other cars/clubs where there. No one really seemed to be with the cars to talk to. And it felt a bit more like you where walking past the cars rather than getting in amongst them. I personally feel everything was too spread out. As I say this is my view compared to the type of events I have been to in the past. I left early due to not being well enough prepared. And slightly hanging lol. Would I go again? Yes. If gtouk where meeting in a random field the same weekend jae was on would I go to jae? No.
I just want to thank every one who made this event happen. Had a great time.


There Deffo was a lack of foot traffic this year , weather mainly and because they used the other entrance , this meant last year we one of the first clubs to be seen on the way in as opposed to being last tucked out of the way .

Only other feedback for JAE really is the fireworks were the poorest showing I have seen yet at the event

That though is being super critical as really enjoyed the club stand so didn’t venture away much

Craig :grinning:


Jensen said: ‘’ If gtouk where meeting in a random field the same weekend jae was on would I go to jae? No.’’

100% with you on that mate,


So just to expand on the fireworks and i’ll get confirmation from JAE, But these were sponsored by someone else so it’s likly they didn’t give JAE a big enough budget to compete with previous years. I’m not defending them though as i didn’t even bother to look at them, sounds like i didn’t miss much. lol

Again it sounds like all JAE issues rather than GTO UK.

@Tracie with you 100% on the marquee, but iv’e got a picture of the previous years and looks as though we filled it up too. but yeah the design didn’t help.


think this was 2010.


Can’t knock the club at all mate , as I said about the marque in my first post its 3rd party , we have never known what we are getting or where on pitch they will stick it until we get there on the Thursday , hence why we only have a small number for setup so we can sort things out before being swamped .

A+ for the execution leading up to and including the whole weekend as far as I’m concerned as far as the club is concerned

Everything else is out of our hands

Craig :grinning:


Square tables would make life easier for walkways