JAE 2018 pictures


Funny as, think you passed your JAE initiation :joy::joy::joy::joy:

just :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Great weekend and always fun to catch up with everyone and have a few quiet beers.
I have now arrived in bacton for a week away with family- anyone fancy a burger :joy:



Pretty sure you could do with a break from cooking , thanks for what you did over the weekend along with Simon your deputy and the other chefs in training

Enjoy your holiday mate

Plenty for your midnight munchies there too :+1:


so I had a look at the JAE photos we had taken, and after careful looking passed on the mooning one from Dave



I was also pleasantly surprised to see my car as his sales pitch,



Me never :joy: good job Steve was behind with his ### out then :joy:


JAE never fails to be boring!!!, We both had a spot on weekend with old friends and new

Thanks for all the club done this weekend keeping us fed and watered, Certainly no complaints of being hungry

I would post pictures up but the only ones i took were of jerrys throttle body and the spider on top and where all the pipes go to :grin:

What was the name of the photgraphy company, Forgot to wander over there and pick a club photo up :unamused:




cheers si :+1:


Great time with Gtouk, best club display , excellent seeing Mark,s masterpiece.
Good fun and great company and thanks for the organisation and the food.Real pleasure.