JAE 2018 pictures

(Kevin Rhodes) #1

JAE 2018 Peterborough Arena August 31st - September 2nd
(Grumpy pants) #2

Cinderella went to the ball in the end and stayed TT :astonished:
Few pics I took, fantastic weekend, shows I can have laughter and stupidity without being ### thanks guys :+1:

(Tracy Parkin) #3

Great pics Dave.

It was a testing time for you, but you did really well, can’t have been easy by any stretch with all the alcohol flowing and all your GTOUK mates are proud of you, keep up the good work.


(Tracy Parkin) #5

A few pics from another great JAE some of which I can’t even remember taking :thinking::joy:


(Tracy Parkin) #6

Oh… and then the ones where Perky left his handbag in the tent when he packed it away, :roll_eyes: had to pull it all back out to rescue his handbag and Impulse spray :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Tracie :yum:

(Grumpy pants) #7

I would like to just say a massive thank you to all who attended for their support, from you @Tracie getting me and Anna up on the floor… knowing dam well I was itching to get up and dance… but lacked that little bit of go!

To everyone else who just let me be the me I am now…

Anyway GTOUK at its best as always… not about where we were but the best freinds we have all become… from old to new :green_heart::heart::blue_heart:

Now let’s kick some more ass and build up UK once again to what we do best… just a little slower this time… yes I know like my Gto :joy:

Dare I say it… :heart: Rusty

(Jensen Richardson) #8

What a great weekend.
Thanks to everyone that made the event one to remember.
Need to say thank you to @CDMH for putting me up in his tent for the weekend. And @DavePerkins for bringing me another down, even though I didn’t quite make it to that tent on the second night :joy:
Found a use for the tent lil got me

Twins are loving it.
Again thanks guys for a top weekend.

(CDMH) #9

Great pics and a great weekend , nice and laid back when it needed to be and lively at other times , sorry if I was quiet and not talking to people :thinking::joy::joy:

@lukas you are a brilliant sport mate and Friday night was a right laugh

Now I guess we come to the awkward part and I’ve been debating what to do all the way home as I don’t want to be put in an awkward position but I feel I have to say it .

I don’t want to name names but one of our members was struggling with accommodation so with a gesture of goodwill I said they could share my tent , which obviously was taken up , all fine and dandy again Friday night shared the tent , no problems , Saturday they decide they are going home , so not only have I put myself out , said person isn’t interested in helping to pack away any of the stuff he’s used , this obviously distressed me quite a lot , as I say though I won’t name names , don’t think it’s really something I ever expected from a committee member , I’m sure once @jensenrichardson reads this he will feel embarrassed… oh damn I named him


Joking aside Jensen you were great company over the weekend , shame you couldn’t stay the last night but seeing as you had just come back from holiday it’s understandable

Thanks to all those who made it the weekend it was

(Tracy Parkin) #10

:joy::joy::joy::joy: Briiliant, you had me worried what you were going to say there Craig, but the banter continues, phew.


(Terry Wilkes) #11

I felt it was a great weekend, to meet mates and also to meet others from the club I hadn’t seen before. I feel that the weekend was made by the club, not the actual JAE. We certainly do know how to enjoy the moment. @jensenrichardson, cheers for collecting me when I had to take the car back to the outside carpark, if I knew you were after a tent I could have lent you my spare.

And two non GTOUK cars that were on site, one was @markie1978’s mate from school, his missus’s car really

And @markie1978, just an unbelievable build, have more shots but didn’t want to take up the forum with them, besides others have put up pictures so I didn’t really have to :grin::grin::grin:

Terry :sunglasses:

(CDMH) #12

I’m still here Tracy packing away , could have been home with by family now if mr selfish would have stayed and helped me pack up instead of just using me and going home Saturday so he didn’t have to help anyone tidy up this morning :thinking:

But don’t get me started on the phantom bacon muncher

(Mark Peasnall) #13

Brilliant and nice relaxed weekend spent with friends with lots of laughs along the way as said by a few others the weekend was made by Gto UK and the people that were there, Jae could learn a lot by the way we do things to make there event better in future

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments on the car was a really struggle to get it ready in time for it to be there but so glad everyone got to see it in the flesh at long last

And for those that missed it my only pictures that haven’t been posted already were the fireworks display

And this one is a special one just for you Lukasz

That’s what the morning looks like you lazy sod :rofl::rofl::rofl:

And a big thank you to all the members that cooked and cleaned over the weekend keeping us all fed :+1:

Mark :grin:

(Tracy Parkin) #14

Great pics Terry :+1:

(Tracy Parkin) #15

Glad you got some of the fireworks Mark, they were pretty impressive I thought this year.


(Terry Wilkes) #16

Only coz there’s a cool one of you, just joking. Great the way you bring people into the fold. My dancing Sat night was sh** but then again I was floating :rofl::rofl::rofl:

C’mon @stevie, it says your replying, must be the one finger touch typing :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:

(Tracy Parkin) #17

I’m actually impressed you got you pics up before JAE 2019 Terry :rofl::rofl::rofl:


(CDMH) #18

You’ve seen the size of that finger though it’s bigger than the keyboard

(Terry Wilkes) #19

WTF is Tracue, is that a new way of spelling or is it @stevie 's finger not working as it should :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Is your computer playing up @stevie, keeps saying you’re replying and I’m waiting the dig!!!

Terry :sunglasses:

(Steve Parkin) #20

What a brill weekend. What more can you ask for, great company,good food, drink and all set on a stage surrounded by some of the best marques of our cars.

Thank you to all involved in the set-up, prepping us for the event, I’m sure those who attended will agree with me it was flawless.

Jon (peps) our resident DJ, top man always there to keep us entertained.

@markie1978 watching your build thread and seeing it in the flesh, I wasn’t disappointed simply amazing buddy and a credit to you.

Last but no least, a big thank you to you the members who managed to make this event, chipping in & helping to make things run smoothly.

Loved it


(Jensen Richardson) #21

I’m seeing alot of pics of myself asleep.
Must admit i was quite worn out staying up late for the 2 nights.
As you know I don’t drink, but felt I should join in and stay up late to help keep the late night revelers under control.
As you all know I had to sleep in @CDMH tent as he nearly blew it up on the first night!
Feeling for club members safety I then decided it was best to make sure he wasn’t left unattended with gas cans heaters ect so spent the next night with him.
We as a committee are working tirelessly to keep you members safe at these events guys :wink:
I’m sorry I had to shoot of early but with setting up almost single handedly, I felt Craig could probably help out a bit. Plus as told a couple of times over the weekend I would have struggled to reach anything over knee hight.
On a serious note though I had an epic time!
I am still feeling a bit ropey though :grinning:
Jensen and yensen