JAE Club site areas

I stole this off another site but it shows were we will be.

GTOUK is pitch 20


1 Del Sol UK
2 JDMy0
3 S2K International
3 UK S200 Club
4 MX-5 Nutz
5 Tengoku Racing
6 Team Tsukuba
7 Essex Cruise Union
8 Type R Owners Club
9 MR2 Mk1
10 Miss Banzai
11 Mitsubishi FTO Owners Club
15 mkivsupra.net
19 Nissan Sportz
21 Nissan Primera Owners Club
22 Skyline Owners Club
23 The Dutchies
24 Subaru SVX World Network
25 Toyota Sera Club
31 Mkiii Supra.net
32 Club 323F
34 Toyota Owners Club
35 300ZX.co.uk/ Z Club
36 Fast Jap Cars
37 Jap Girls
38 The RX Seven
40 Nissan 300c ■■/Cedric Register
41 GTR Owners Club
42 Stagea Owners Club
50 Nissan Club Nederlands
51 GT4 Owners Club
52 GT4 Enthusiats Club
62 JAP n Crazy
63 HondaOwners.Net
64 SSB-CC and CivicLife
65 Almera Owners Club
66 UK Street Cars
67 Micra Sports Club
68 Celica-Club UK
69 Honda-Tech UK
70 Zero260
71 Show Offs
72 Toyota Estima Owners Club
74 Yaris Club UK
75 Paseo Club
76 Minty Fresh Crew

Well spotted :smiley:

But I got there first, really sorry :wink: :lol:

Ok you win

Fail on my part :shock: :lol:

i thought the supra stand would be bigger,looks like gtouk has a large area :smiley:

Going by the JAE forum that layout is an old one.

This is the latest version

We haven’t moved much, but we suddenly seem to have about half the space, as we are now sharing same plot with the Supra Club?

Guess we will see when we get there.


At least we’re close to the camping area, not so far to stagger!.. :lol:

I should just about fit my new tent in that, so you lot will have to pitch in the quiet camping area and walk :rofl:

I think we should have a gtouk challenge and see who can do the obstical course the quickest at the end of saturday night hehehe

Dont forget how close we are to the sea - the red line. So anyone wandering to the loo had better go the right way? I hope the weather is good or we could get the sea breaking over!!!

Now is that towards the sea or away from it??? as most of it normally gets pumped straight out to sea anyway :lol: