JAE - No Glass Bottle/Container Rule

For those attending JAE this year, please take note of the “No Glass Rule” imposed by the organizers and act accordingly. This may not have been an issue last, or previous years, but we are at a new venue this year which doesn’t allow it.

As follows:-

Glass Containers - This is REALLY important - the premises license for the Norfolk Showground does NOT ALLOW glass containers, such as beer bottles or spirits bottles. Therefore, if you are bringing drinks with you, please make sure that they are either cans, plastic bottles or wine boxes. You can bring spirits etc into the event, but just make sure you decant them into a plastic bottle prior to arrival. You will notice that the Moonshine trader is selling drinks that are in glass jars. These are permissible under the terms of the license as they are sold with the intention of being consumed off-site.



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