JAE Sports Day

As this is for charity, how are we as a club raising money, is it pay/donate to enter the sports day?


Think we should have a few quid to enter… Then also offer a pools/betting type thing too… Betting in who wins each event… Only a £1 or something small. Winner gets their pound pulse £1. Rest goes to charity ?

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:


Well given this is Lel’s charity who was ( I hate to say was) for a long time a focal point of meets and the club I sincerely hope we can raise some money.

I think “Lel’s Ice Bucket Challenge” would be good.

Just my thoughts, I fully appreciate not everyone on here was as close to Lel as we were, but as the sad event of her passing has been mentioned to promote the club then we the members should put our money where our mouth is.


Then I nominate Tracy, Steve and Craig for the Ice bucket challenge :lol:

How much (£) Dave?

im with Tracy , fine but how much

I take it I have to nominate 3 people too ? in which case my chosen task once I have done the ice bucket is petrol can and match challenge , guess you know where that is going :twisted:

Craig :slight_smile:

I will donate £10 Tracie :smiley:


Will donate £10 for you to all do the challenge