Jap show finale Santa pod 29th sept 2019

We have had a few members asking about Japshow finale.

Could anyone interested in attending please put your name on the list below.

We need to know approximate numbers for the club stand.
Thanks guys.

  1. Jensen

We have spoken to the organisers and again it’s a minimum of 10 cars for a club stand spot.
We might be able to get a slight reduction on this, but it would only be slight.
Ticket prices

As you can see ticket prices are + fee and postage.
To guarantee members a club stand will cost the club between £143-£223 depending on day or weekend tickets.
For us to purchase the tickets using club funds we need to know members will buy them.
The club will always do what it can to guarantee members a car stand at events, but it can only do so much.


Hi mate
Put me down for the Sunday
Thanks steve

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I’m in.
I’ll be camping over sat night

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  1. Jensen (day)
  2. Steve_k_aa (day)
  3. Marty (weekend)
    • 5 Robbie and Sarah
  4. Jack + twins
  5. Louis
  6. Driftaway
  7. Mark L (weekend)

Weekend for Sarah and I and my daughter (12 yo) 1 car as it stands unless I can work miracles before then :joy:


I’m going to be there but going in the mx and doing the strip, will be awesome to catch up with everyone :grin::grin::grin:

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Think I saw that on FB Kevin, how very rude :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



I’m curious to see how she does :sunglasses: and I can still see you all :crazy_face:


Put me for Sunday and my twins

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We are planning on going…went to the jap show in May and that was pretty good


What’s the scope for bringing 2 cars? :joy:

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I’ll be going, just finding out if any of friends want to jump in the back

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Ma Sat and sun


We have had conversations with different clubs over the years about joining up to do a few events.
After having a chat we have decided to join up with the Mitsubishi fto club for this event.
This is a trial run.
If members are happy we could look to do it again.


All you need now is someone who’s got an fto :thinking: oh hold on :joy::joy:

Linking up has worked well with us over the years and the fto club is a no brainier , going to be good :+1:


We hope so mate.
With events that require ex amount of tickets to be purchased to get a club stand, it makes sense to join up.
If it works it saves the club some money.
If the trial run doesn’t work we drop it.
We have spoken to a couple of different clubs before and the fto guys are obviously the best option in regards to our cars. (Even before we got our fto :wink:)


I’ll need 3 adult tickets and 1 under 13 free ticket - full weekend camping, when do they go on sale?

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Will be sorted over the next few days mate

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